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Watch out for comps on a tour bus!

Tour companies will often throw on a concierge or travel agent as a comp, I. E. a travel professional complementary excursion.  The management does not always tell the driver or guide.  Since I am both, in a small bus or big SUV, I can really be annoyed when I do find out that basically I have a spy on board.


It it is often easy to recognize it.  The person may be diffident or so bored that he or she stares at their cellphone.  They are not very responsive even in the simplest of questions, such as, shall we stop for lunch?  Hello?

they may well consider that the ride and free meal is part of their everyday job and therefore a drag.  They would rather be home and  away from tourists.  Their attitude towards me shows lack of interest or respect in a surprising number of cases so it is the first warning sign that this person can cause you and your company some trouble.

This is especially true with Yelp and TripAdvisor.  These are powerful weapons to bring a company down with a low rating and a bad review.

The last such nasty experience was with a Desecrae Bruise from the Nikko Hotel.  A woman of complete self-absorption and little awareness of what good manners demands, with little experience As a hotel concierge, having just transferred out of the hotel kitchen, she was arrogant, rapidly drunk, foul-mouthed and invasive towards all of us.  She tried to run the tour for me with the help of her gay Mexican sidekick, another hotel employee.

British on board found them both boorish and Argentinian fellows made their own loud and domineering Spanish language games    A polite request to honor the other passengers on board brought an ugly South Pacific sneer to her blank face

in this case I had been warned that she was coming but it was only five minutes before leaving the office.  I begged the boss to put her on the other Napa wine tour bus, because these comp passengers cause trouble.

He insisted that I was the best and we had to impress the Nikko Hotel.  I had been with the company 14 years!

She and her sidekick got back to the city and wrote a nasty review.   The boss was justifiably upset and blamed me.  Rather than investigate why she drank so much and disrupted the tour from the onset, he fired me.

Fear of minority’s claim to racism was part of this story   She exploited it although she was a born American.


Could a caucasion minority Irish fight back?

Yes.  More to come: a visit to Nikko’s lobby and Desecre😂Unable to handle interruption in her conversation with guest.   Dish it out, brown girl!  Cannot respect a white woman at her work?!  Accuse the white of racism!  Bruise!